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Our line of Industrial sewing machines for the tailoring and dry cleaning industry has helped us become one of the largest distributors in the nation.

Our Liebersew sewing machine line is recognized across the industries we support.  We also offer a full line of sewing supplies, replacement buttons, irons and vacuum ironing tables.

Our 65-page catalog describes our sewing products, their sizes and colors. As well as hundreds of items such as zippers, buttons, thread, bindings, facing, shoulder pads and pins.

Our specials on sewing machines, threads, buttons, zippers and irons can be ordered directly on our site.

Any of the hundreds of products we offer can be ordered by calling toll free 1-800-438-0346 where our helpful, experienced people can assist you.

First time customers who make a purchase in our online store will receive a free gift.

Let us help you with your sewing machine needs.