A commercial sewing machine is a necessity for the modern seamstress or tailor. Professionals spend so many hours on their machines that a standard sewing machine simply isn’t going to withstand the demand. Commercial machines are designed to withstand harder use than home machines, ensuring you can continue to deliver products without fear of machine failure.

If you are shopping for a commercial sewing machine, B&G Lieberman has a number of models for your consideration. With models for almost every budget, you are certain to find exactly what your business needs with B&G Lieberman.

sewing machinesFind the Names You Trust
B&G Lieberman is not new to the commercial sewing world. In fact, we have been in the business since 1949, and we have watched companies come and go over the years. This means that we know the brands that we can trust to deliver quality service year after year. Some of the brands we carry include:

  • Juki
  • Liebersew
  • Consew
  • Suzuki
  • Janome

In addition to machines from these companies, we also carry motors to help keep them running in good repair. With B&G Lieberman, you can find everything you need for your commercial sewing operation.

Shop Conveniently Online
You’re busy. You have products to create and customers to satisfy. At B&G Lieberman, we understand this. That is why we allow you to shop our catalogue of commercial sewing machines conveniently online. Learn the specs and details of our comprehensive list of machines, then purchase the one that best meets your needs. We will ship it directly to you, saving you time and frustration as you look for the right machine for your business.

If you are in need of a new commercial sewing machine, take some time to browse our online catalogue. Find the exact product you need, and order it today online. Do you have a question about our sewing machines? We are happy to help! Give us a call or send us an email, and we will help you find the commercial sewing machine that perfectly fits your needs. With the help of B&G Lieberman, you can equip your company with a durable, effective and efficient sewing machine.