Reimers Jr. Boiler 120v and Optional Steam Regulator


  • Heating Power 1.5kW (0.15BHP)
  • Steam Capacity: 5 lbs/hr (2.27 kg/hr)
  • Operating Steam Pressure Range: 0 – 85 psig (0 – 5.86 BAR)
  • Supply Voltage:120/240V, 50/60Hz, 1ph

Add the optional Steam Regulator ($109) to be able to use the solenoid enabled electric irons with microswitch control steam release.

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The Reimers JR-series boiler is a portable, hand-filled steam generator with a total of 2 gallon capacity, for operation at pressures from 5 to 85 psi. Designed to the ASME/CSD-1 Boiler Code and registered with the National Board of Boiler Inspectors, it is safe when installed, maintained, and used properly.

Standard JG-Model equipment includes: Steam pressure gauge (1), steam valve (2), blowdown valve (3), water-fill funnel (4), check valve (5), water fill valve (6) safety valve (7), water level gauge (8), electronic boiler control (9) and power cord (10).

The optional steam regulator controls the steam from the supply line. The microswitch on the iron handle opens the solenoid valve inside the regulator. Attach the steam regulator to the steam supply line and plug iron into Harting plug receptacle. The controller has an on/off switch and volume regulator knob.

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Weight 75 lbs