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Jerry Lieberman

Jerry Lieberman

Jerry Lieberman was eighteen when he served in World War II in France and Germany.  He was an interrogator of captured German war prisoners.  He was trained in Camp Ritchie, Maryland with other German speaking refugees.  They were called “The Ritchie Boys” for short.

After the war Jerry Lieberman held a job while studying business at night at NYU. In 1949 his father suddenly died of a heart attack. Jerry now had to support his mother Bella. His father left a small stock of buttons, which Jerry took and sold out of his Army surplus car.

He did well on the road and saw a future for himself and his mother. It was 1949 when he started B&G (Bella & Gerald) Lieberman Co. Then a refugee and friend of Jerry’s, Walter Marx and his wife Lee entered the business and the rest is history.


We are proud to be an asset to our industry. Our attention to service and care of our customers and relationships with our suppliers has been very evident in the great outpouring of memories and condolences after the death of Jerry Lieberman on Thanksgiving Day of 2011. We are grateful for all the sentiments honoring Jerry!



“I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for the wonderful customer service that I received today from the gentleman in the parts department. Very helpful, polite, and courteous. Like a breath of fresh air.”

Catherine Bums

“A great bunch of people that are always helpful, polite and a joy to talk to.”

Adele Rossow Helleksen

“Larry Lieberman has always provided prompt service for our needs at Best Cleaners, MPLS 1St. PauL A great company to do business with.” 

Dan L. Gray, Sr


“These are really good people.”

Jim Smith

Lomgstanding Customer

“My relationship with B&G Lieberman is an interesting one. It spans over twenty years and has evolved from a cllent/supplier relationship to a genuine friendship. Early on we had our share of misunderstandings and Jerry Lieberman, being the benevolent person he was, always managed to resolve any conflict tactfully. He was a class act and a wonderful person, qualities that are mirrored in Larry. These qualities transcend throughout the company and to This day I have a great relationship with Larry and everyone at B&G Lieberman. They have been my primary supplier of buttons and all sewing notions, equipment and myriad other supplies. I look forward to continuing a valuable relationship with B&G Lieberman in the future.”  

Cooki Patel

Owner, 2011 Cleaners