Digital Brushless Servo-motor model TN-411




This super light and quiet motor saves up to 70% of the energy wasted by old fashioned clutch motors. It is much more quiet and creates less vibration. It is also less expensive to ship because of it’s light weight.

It only uses power when you step on the pedal. You will love this motor and save lots of money on energy and have a nice quiet sewing room.

110V/60 hz, Sewing speed from 0-5000 RPM, Weighs 14 lbs.


  • Uses the same mounting holes as a clutch motor
  • High Torque D.C. Electronic Servo Motor
  • Switch with light socket and wire included
  • Easy to adjust speed and motor direction with buttons
  • No clutch disc
  • Adjustable belt tighten er
  • Belt guard, pulley and mounting hardware included
  • Light weight.  Approximately 10-12 lbs (5 kg’s)
  • Starts up at low speed
  • Works well on heavy duty machines
  • Vibration Free
  • Conserves Energy
  • Silent when not running

BG Lieberman Digital Brushless Servo-motor model TN-411 Industrial sewing machines for tailors, dry cleaners and alteration.


Additional information

Weight 14 lbs