Gold Eagle DL-1900 Ironing Board with Sleeve Buck or Sapporo SP711 (Limited Time Special)


You will receive either a Gold Eagle DL-1900 (with sleeve buck) or a Sapporo SP711 Ironing Board (no sleeve buck), depending on supply.

LIMITED TIME SPECIAL! BUY ONE and get a FREE DL520 Gold Eagle Gravity Feed Iron Filter & Shoe!

Note: Ships by Freight for $295.00 (East Coast), $395.00 (Central), or $495.00 (West Coast) to any destination in mainland USA, but no lift-gate or inside delivery without special quote. This is for orders of single machines only. If you would like alternate shipping arrangements or are ordering more than one machine please call our office.


Gold Eagle DL-1900 and Sapporo SP711 ironing boards have a strong vacuum and heated surface that assures a dry finish and quick pressing time.

The strong iron support shelf can hold a gravity feed iron or a mini boiler. The support pole for the bottle or hoses is included. Ironing Board cover, pad and garment rack cover are of excellent quality.

Additional information

Weight 225 lbs