Vivio 170GC Garment Steamer


For over 20 years, Vivio has been the name that clothing retailers have trusted. A professional steamer is only as good as its components. To prevent mineral build-up, the most important part is the heating element and for this, we exclusively use our 1300W brass heating element. For safety, we include a wrap-a-round housing that prevents the bottle from falling off. The Vivio 170GC uses a metalhead that gets 20% hotter than a PVC head for taking care of tough wrinkles or to act as an iron.



The Vivio 170GC is a professional grade garment steamer that is suitable for commercial or home use. The steam works by softening the fibers, allowing the fabric to relax. Wrinkles quickly disappear, leaving a finished and attractive look to your clothes.

Built for the professional, the Vivio 170GC is equipped with our Super-Flex PVC Cloth Covered Steam hose and our metal steam head with “stay cool” wooden handle. The metal steam head’s high heat acts as an iron for a quick press for stubborn wrinkles.

There are many choices in fabric steamers, but Vivio’s unique combination of quality components, construction quality, and simplicity makes it an obvious choice for both pros and homeowners.


  • Integrated water bottle design
  • Anti-spill cap
  • 1300W brass element
  • Heavy-duty brass fittings
  • Metal head for pressing
  • 360 degree easy-roll non-skid casters
  • Automatic shut off
  • Easy roll casters
  • Thermal fuse
  • Removable hanger/hook

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs